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What is this all about?

Offers a single method to generate random vectors whose components sum of to one. Several methods are available. The implementation is done in C++ (via Rcpp) for performance reasons.

Installation Instructions

The package can be installed from CRAN. To install the dev-version ufrom github use the devtools package and type the following command in R:



Assume we aim to generate n=250 vectors in d=3 dimensions where the components of each vector follow the same distribution. This can be achieved, e.g., by the following command:

x = rrandvec(n = 250, d = 3, method = "exponential")
scatterplot3d(x[, 1:3], angle = 120, pch = 4, color = "blue", cex.symbols = 0.7, xlab = expression(x[1]), ylab = expression(x[2]), zlab = expression(x[3]))


To report bugs or ask questions please use the issue tracker. Pay attention to explain the problem as good as possible. At its best you provide an example, so I can reproduce your problem quickly.